Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Activities

I think a perfect outfit for Pumpkin/Apple picking would have to be a plaid flannel. What better way to welcome the fall! Layered pieces is a must on one of those cold days that turns into it almost feels like 100 degrees. My boyfriend, Derek (not so talented photographer) and brother, Hunter took these photos. (Hence the quality of the photo;) Also featuring Derek and Hunter with there amazing modeling skills. (They were actually making fun of me.) 


                                                             Oversized Flannel, Dad's Closet
                                                             Cardigan, Becca Chang's hammy down 
                                                             Beaded Necklace, Danielle Carr's hammy down
                                                             Dolce Gabanna Riding Boots, Century 21
                                                              Leather Satchel, Unknown
© wrapped in class
Maira Gall